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Pedro's Tool Station - Public Bike Repair Station

Pedro's Tool Station - Public Bike Repair Station
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Sorry item is not at the store and our distributors do not have this either. If you need this now, our advice would be to keep searching the web and if/when you grow weary, call us and we can figure out a plan B. Ride on!


Pedro's Tool Station includes 13 professional-quality Pedro's tools covering a wide array of common repairs and adjustments. Designed for public use, all tools are permanently tethered to the steel back panel with extra-long stainless steel cables. The tools are stored in our Burrito Tool Wrap with a protective weather-resistant flap. Three spare cables and crimp sets are included and can be used to add extra tools, a floor pump, or to facilitate replacement of tools if necessary. The Tool Station also features 4 mounting holes which are keyhole shaped to allow easy removal and re-installation if desired. Additionally, the central mounting holes are spaced to fit standard steel sign posts if a free-standing setup is preferred.

- 6-Pack Chain Tool - Chain Tool and three-way spoke wrench (includes 2 Spare Pin/Screws)
- Folding Hex Wrench Set - 1.5-6mm sizes
- Pro T/L Hex Wrench - 8mm
- Y Wrench-T10,T25,T30 sizes
- Tire Levers - Yellow Pair
- Pro Pedal Wrench
- #2 Phillips Screwdriver
- 5.5mm Flat Blade Screwdriver
- Toothbrush - Drivetrain brush Chain Checker Plus - Chain wear check tool, chain hook tool, and chainring nut wrench
- Adjustable Wrench-10"
- Trixie - 8, 9, 10, 15mm Box, Bottle, Cog Lockring

Part Numbers

790983296049 6460165