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Smart Bike Parts | Chicago, IL

Welcome to your friendly Chicago bike shop! 

About Us

$ensible Prices & Superior Service Since 2003


AND looking forward to what will undoubtedly be the busiest month in the near 20-year history of this business. The bike business is booming and we look forward to the challenge of finding and servicing bikes for a rapidly growing marketplace.

To keep us productive and sane this month WE ARE FORWARDING ALL CALLS TO VOICE MAIL. Please consider TEXTING US instead at 773-850-2453 or simply stop by the shop during normal business hours.

As we rise to meet this demand we remain focused on the central challenge that we ALL face which is, of course, Covid-19. To that end and mirroring the local and CDC rules and regulations please note that you must have a face mask or mouth covering to enter the store. Please also maintain a separation of at least 6 feet from anyone else when you are in the store. If someone accidentally intrudes on this space (including us!) please empower yourself to politely correct this intrusion as we all adjust to what is likely to be our new normal for some time or possibly forever.

Curbside service is available during normal business hours if you want to do business with us without entering the store - simply text us at 773-850-2453 and we will bring your bike or bike parts out to the curb for you to retrieve and ride. We can easily process credit card transactions over the phone also if you prefer. 

We have paper towels and disinfectant next to the counter - please feel free to use same and please note the paper towels are reusable and hand-washable. 

Finally, we will monitor our own health each day and stay flexible to whatever further actions or initiatives are needed moving forward. 

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