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Smart Bike Parts | Chicago, IL

Welcome to your friendly Chicago bike shop! 

About Us

$ensible Prices & Superior Service Since 2003


Spring is upon us and the shop is starting to awake from its February frost bite. Now is the perfect time to lead the pack and get your bike in the shop, tuned up and ready to roll. We are about to get real busy around here and that is super simple math: sunny + 60 degrees or above = slammed. Each delightful spin around the sun brings us one day closer to that refreshing reality. 


If you have a good internet connection and understand Google Duo or Face Time we can help. If you are unsure about something your building, riding or are in a jam we can likely help. We have IPhones at the shop 7 days a week and if we are not slammed we might be able to have a professional mechanic get your ride dialed in. Please see our services - bike repair page for further information. 


As we look forward to a vaccinated community and herd immunity, we continue to follow common sense and science as we navigate our way past this pandemic. To that end, we both appreciate and enforce the following policies:

1. MASKS REQUIRED to enter the store and must be worn over your mouth and nose when you are in the store. 

2. SOCIAL DISTANCING STRICTLY ENFORCED - think of 6' as the MINIMUM space required from anyone else at all times. If you can be further away than that, even better. 

3. HAND SANITIZER AND PAPER TOWELS are available at the counter - please feel free to ask for them or bring your own if you wish. 

Finally, we built this business to be virtually friendly from the beginning. The website never closes and text, email and phone calls are all encouraged. Curbside service is available - simply contact us and we'll work out the details of how best to arrange drop-off, pick-up and payment.

Thank-you in advance for helping us do our part to slow the spread of this deadly disease!


Let everything else sort itself out :)

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