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Starts up again Spring 2019 and runs through October. We leave at 6:30PM from The Hideout (Elston/Wabansia) and scamper north to Tower Road and then back on Green Bay/Crawford to the Hideout for post-ride beverage. Helmets and lights required. Certainly fast-paced but Eric is more than willing to hang back and sweep people back on course as we chase the A-riders.

Ask Eric for details on same.


Ride begins in late March and runs well into November and leaves from Caldwell Woods as early as 6AM on Saturdays (we stagger start to daylight savings time and sunrise). Anywhere from 10 to 100 riders depending on the weather on a no-drop 60 mile ride to Highland Park and back. Helmets, mechanically sound bike and spare tubes required. Sorry, no aero bars. Pace is fast social - over 16 MPH average, a couple sprint points but we always regroup and sweep riders to the fort and back. A-riders typically split around Everett/Riverwoods for bonus 10-mile loop that is all over 20 MPH riding with front of the pack touching 30 MPH for significant stretches. Most riders bike from their house to Caldwell Woods so lots of people finish at or near century ride each week which is pretty cool because we always get back by 11AM. Ride on! For further info, talk to Eric @ the shop.