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Bike Repair & Maintenance

Bike Repair While you Wait

Simple mechanical repairs like fixing flats, installing new tires, replacing chains or minor bike adjustments can be handled while you wait or circle the neighborhood on other errands and tasks. 

Bike Repair Advice/Help

Pro Riders enjoy back-up bikes and mechanics that follow them. The rest of us ride with a base set of skills and tools to keep our wheels rolling all day and a local shop to provide us with the parts and service to keep rolling all year. Let us help you build your base skills to the level you need to make a bike your first choice for getting around town or across the country.

Bike Maintenance

The simplest and surest way to keep your bike rolling is to keep it clean. We designed, constructed and built our bath purely for bikes. The brushes, cleaning supplies, water temperature and pressure are all built to best serve the bike. The time spent cleaning a bike is doubly rewarded - this process cleans and exposes those parts that need replacement. 


Be Your Bike's Best Friend

You cannot OVERCLEAN a bike meaning once a day is sensational, once a week is advisable and once a month is essential. The challenge is this can often become time and cost prohibitive: more so if you pay a professional to do this daily or weekly. The solution is simple: give us a call and let us know when you want to come by. We are happy to rent out our bath and even spare stand and tools and charge you only $10/hour (parts and mechanic support/service extra) to use our facility. This investment in time and energy pays dividends: clean bikes run faster, longer and more efficiently and cost less in the long run. 

Swing on by or give us a call and let's get your bike back on the road or trails where we belong!