Bike Repair & Maintenance

Your Bike Repair Experts

From fixing flats to overhauling your ride, we pride ourselves on fast, friendly service at prices that make $ense. We can fix your flat in less than 10 minutes almost anytime and rarely charge more than $12 for same. Other simple mechanical repairs like installing new brake pads, replacing chains or installing new tires can also be handled while you wait in a matter of minutes. 

For repairs requiring more time or replacement parts we need to order, we are happy to provide you a free estimate before we begin. Most special-order parts are a day away and we can usually turn repairs around in 24 - 48 hours. We're happy to service and are proud to have serviced almost every brand and type of bike over the last 15 years and look forward to getting your ride rolling real soon.

Bike Maintenance 101

The simplest way to keep your ride rolling right is to keep it clean, lubed and up to pressure. Simple enough to say and a little more challenging to master as Chicago weather beats down and bears down on the rider and the ride. We're happy to let our customers pump up their tires or borrow a tool for simple adjustments or flat fixes they want to handle themselves. We even have a real cool bike bath for our inner-circle of cycling friends and customers who share our passion for keeping our rides as clean and quiet as the day we first rode them.

Swing on by or give us a call and let's get your bike back on the road or trails where we belong!