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Bike Repair & Maintenance

Bike Repair Estimates

Are always free of charge and the first step to getting the job done. BRING YOUR BIKE and we will happily provide you with a price quote for the parts, accessories and labor to get your ride rolling along. If you are technically proficient and have the bandwidth, lack of time and budget try our virtual service!

Virtual Bike Repair - New!

Fresh out of time and want to bring a virtual mechanic into your jam? Give us a call and we'll use either Facetime or Google Duo to hook you up instantly or schedule a virtual repair. Once we figure out if we can help and agree to do business we'll get a mechanic virtually connected and walk you through the repair or build. A couple important notes on this, though:

1. Make sure you have the bandwidth and hardware to do this. We do.

2. We cannot do this instantly and all the time. Call to see what staff is available for this and how busy we are in the shop first. 

3. You are paying $50/hour once the clock is ticking. We love story-time but at these prices your budget might not dig it so much.

4. Some virtual repairs we may recommend confirming torque settings and other stuff at your LBS depending on what tools and skills you have.

Drama FREE Bike Repair - New!

If you stop by the shop you will notice about 1/3 of the customers say "Hi there! - fix this please" and walk out the door. This is because we've likely sorted out the details by text or phone and they trust us to be cool humans. This is good for both bike, rider and shop because it frees us all from the clutter of long-winded explanations about what happened which often devolves into mini-therapy sessions discussing the zen of flats and other such stuff. Try this instead: bring the bike in and lock in a number in your head. We'll put the bike in the stand and tell you what needs to be fixed. You'll tell us the max budget. We'll work with that or agree that this will not work for any. Easy breezy stuff! If it is 20 degrees out and/or raining and snowing don't worry about it! Who doesn't love a great bedtime story before heading to bed ...

Bike Service - Organic

We have a large inventory of tires, tubes, chains, cables, pads, freewheels, cassettes and other common parts on hand and in-stock. Repairs like flats, tire changes, chain replacement, simple gear adjustments and other quick fixes can be done while you wait or even better run errands or visit the other cool businesses or parks around the shop.

Bike Service - Scheduled

For larger jobs and approved estimates, we get work done as quickly as next-day when parts are in-stock or a day away.  Please BRING YOUR BIKE and remember to bring any keys you might need to unlock the security products on the bike. 

Labor Costs

We charge $50/hour for our services with a minimum labor charge of $5 for fast, easy fixes. 

Swing on by or give us a call and let's get your bike back on the road or trails where we belong!