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Smart Bike Parts | Chicago, IL

Welcome to your friendly Chicago bike shop! 

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and aware that we are likely beginning the 2nd wave of the attack from this deadly global virus. “This is a time for each of us to dig down even deeper and be more diligent, and if we don’t see a dramatic turnaround in our numbers and soon, then we will not hesitate to take the steps that are necessary to save our city, save our residents, even if that means going back to some of our phase three restrictions.” (Mayor Lori Lightfoot - October 19)

Here are 3 key steps we are taking to keep our doors open and our community protected from this attack:

1. MASKS REQUIRED to enter the store and must be worn over your mouth and nose when you are in the store. 

2. Social distancing strictly enforced. Think of 6' as the MINIMUM space required from anyone else at all times. If you can be further away than that, GREAT! See below ...

3. Hand sanitizer and paper towels are available at the counter - please feel free to ask for them or bring your own if you wish. 

Finally, please consider doing business with us virtually for the next several months. Curbside service is available - simply contact us and we'll work out the details of how best to arrange drop-off, pick-up and payment.


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