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At this time, our city and state leaders have allowed bicycle shops to remain open as essential business services. We will maintain our normal business hours but change business operations to some simple common sense steps to help protect our customers, staff and community from this pandemic. 

The front half of the store is large enough for 2 customers at a time to enter and maintain a 6 foot separation. The back half of the store is large enough for us to work and maintain the same 6 foot distance from each other.  For the time being we need to restrict customers to the front half of the store (in front of the counter) and employees to the back half of the store (behind the counter). This will be the norm for at least March and April. If you arrive to find the front door locked during normal business hours just hang tight and we'll let you in as soon as it is safe for all of us.

Curbside service is available during normal business hours if you want to do business with us without entering the store - simply call us at 773-384-3010 and we will bring your bike or bike parts out to the curb for you to retrieve and ride. 

We have paper towels and disinfectant at the front door. We'll keep the store and your bike sanitized and welcome you to wipe down any area that you need to touch. 

Finally, we will monitor our own health each day and stay flexible to whatever further actions or initiatives are needed moving forward. 

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